Heading somewhere in the dark? Take X-Torch with you! Be prepared for anything with EJ CASE’s lighting device. Used in 25 countries not only as a source of light but also as backup power for the mobile phone. Use it with 50 lumens as a table/room lantern, 140 lumens as a flashlight and 150 lumens as a nightlight. A 2 amp USB output gives you easy charge wherever you are.

Use the light of the sun for power up your device! It means that X-Torch has a 1-watt integrated solar panel with charging time 22 hours and running time 7-48 hours. For the wall charger, the estimate charging time will be 1,5 hours. It weighs only 270 grams, handheld, and water resistant, not waterproof, so don’t try to drown it in a lake, ok? Its gasket glows in the dark, and the durable design comes in handy on any outdoor occasions, especially camping.