Take the well-known golden ratio, fully handcraft a cellphone speaker amplifier according to this ratio from sustainable materials and you’ve got yourself an ANLG – a golden ratio inspired new gadget that works as a sound amplifier for mobile phones and fits any device, does not require any battery or Bluetooth and is made only of natural materials.

In the words of its creators: “When we started ANLG we had one vision in mind, to design a gorgeous, sustainable, intuitive, energy-efficient product and still make it accessible to everyone. ”

And we must agree that the people at ANLG have done just that.

The ANLG looks really great in all 4 of the available colors – Cobalt Blue, Graphite Black, Scarlet Red & Ocean Green. It will definitely add to almost any interior or exterior and the principles behind the analog acoustic amplification also make sense.

They are about halfway to being fully funded on Kickstarter, so you can grab this new 2019 gadget today, while it still goes for the special early bird price.

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