The sun is shining, the music is playing and your life seems a lot better with Bose audio sunglasses! Feel the difference with Bose Alto and Bose Rondo wearables for men and woman. Every one of them is equipped with built-in speakers, the ability to answer your phone and talk hands-free and the protection from the UV, of course. Looks classic, sounds brand new.

Expand your experience! They are not just sunglasses. The secret is hidden in the temples as a miniaturized Bose electronics and they can do wonders. You’ll hear the rich, immersive sound, while others hear practically nothing. Unique technologies and custom speakers direct sound at you and away from others.

Made from metal hinges and nylon rims, with durable lenses. Every pair of Bose Frames is already Bose AR-enabled and that means audio-only augmented reality platform, where applications will utilize contextual audio to deliver first-of-a-kind experiences. For Bose the main thing is to think about how you feel wearing your sunglasses, while you’re chillin’, doing sports, working, going out, living your life and looking gorgeous!

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