Feel real freedom with your laptop! Don’t be limited by its single small screen! Vinpok’s Split turns your laptop into a full desktop, but a lot more compact. You can turn your Android phone into a computer with two or three monitors, use a presentation mode, combine it with your gaming consoles, and feel unlimited in your digital experience.

Double and triple your productivity with Vinpok Split! It works with all laptops via Type-C/mini HDMI, PS4 / XBOX One / Nintendo Switch. They are rotatable with a flexible viewing angle, lightweight, and easy to use. The Split is a 15.6’’ monitor, weighs only 1.4lbs, 1080P, and a touchscreen.

More and more employers are investing in building more screen space for their employees. Studies have shown that having one even two extra monitors can boost productivity by up to 50%. Vinpok Split is the best tool for your Macbook to build your 2-screen or even 3-screen system.

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