Bouncie is a small car tracker device with many added features and a handy phone app to control it all.

First off, it’s compatible with any vehicle made after 2001 as all of those cars have an OBD port that this device must be plugged into. So no worrying about battery life or compatibility issues. As soon as your car is started, the app keeps tracking a wide range of metrics like location, recent trips, mileage, time, duration, fuel usage, average speed, max speed, even rapid acceleration and hard braking occurrences and the route traveled is shown on a map on your phone.

This device is also perfect for parents who want some control over their offspring’s driving style in the first few months after getting their first car since the app will send you notifications if your child is going over the speed limit or engaging in any form of aggressive driving.

With the added benefit of being able to locate your car quickly in huge mall parking lots or in the case of being stolen, this gadget will be a nice addition to the overall safety of your vehicle.

You can currently get it from Amazon (just follow the link by pressing the BUY button below the picture) for a super reasonable price. A nice gift idea as well.

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