Do you have a tight workspace or maybe your desk is overloaded and you need more space? Samsungs gives you a solution at CES 2019 – The Space 32-inch 4K UHD Monitor (S32R750). Because any inch counts! It mounts to the end of a desk so when it’s not in use it’ll hold up against a wall at the edge of your desk keeping it clutter free.

To be precise, space-saving design with integrated arm provides 40% more usable desk area. Space’s slim panel and the 3-sided bezel-less screen shows an understated, stylish look, and 4K UHD resolution won’t let you down, giving stunning real-life images. You can easily adjust the arm stand up and down as you wish for a certain moment. Integrated clamp supports desks up to 3.54 inches thick and allows for quick and easy installation.

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