First-person view drone flying is getting more popular by the day. But delivering HD video feed from the flying gadget to the pilot in a low-latency way has been deemed an impossible task so far. Today’s analog video signal only offers low video quality resulting in an overall poor FPV experience.

DJI’s Digital FPV System is the next-gen solution to this and promises to move the FPV experience towards the future as DJI have designed a new digital FPV Transmission System with low latency.

This system consists of four highly integrated components.

First off, the lightweight and compact DJI FPV Air Unit is easy to install and features an internal HD video recorder with a robust FPV HD Camera that features a 2.1mm lens. You can view the feed with the FPV goggles that are comfortable to wear and display the video feed in HD resolution in super-smooth 120 frames per second. And an integrated video recorder lets you capture what the pilot sees on the ground.

The 8-channel remote controller is configurable via the goggles so FPV pilots can enjoy a better flying experience that combines HD video quality with low latency. The 8-channel support allows eight pilots to race simultaneously and an easy-to-use audience mode lets spectators enjoy the action effortlessly.

DJI really put this together as a full package thing. It’s all integrated. It’s all ready to go. You’re good.

It’s really durable and allows you to fly faster, with more confidence, with better vision and enjoy an immersive FPV flying experience. Truly impressive.

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