Most professionals today use two screens in order to gain efficiency and better their workflow. With portable devices gaining more and more popularity nowadays, it seems very appealing to be able to work from anywhere but you have to settle for having a smaller computer desktop and slower workflow.

DUO Portable Dual Screen laptop monitor is a new gadget that has already been funded more than 1000% percent on Kickstarter and it promises to deliver a scratch to an itch a lot of us have been feeling when trying to get a lot of work done using a laptop.

The idea is as simple as the setup for this device. Just attach DUO to the back of any laptop, and you’re ready to get some work done. Faster.

You will have to attach magnetic adhesives to your laptop which will be used to hold DUO in place, though they look sleek enough to even look good on your computer.

After that, you plug it in the USB and you should be ready to go. Some features include flexible rotation & dual-sided sliding, boosted durability, lightweight (1.5 pounds) and, of course, a 1080p high-res display.

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