What you are looking at is the world’s first temperature-controlled mug. Made to heat your favorite hot beverage and keep it warm throughout the day so that you can focus on what’s important and never worry about your coffee or tea going cold. Now, this is a cool new gadget for sure.

It comes with several cool features in addition to its basic functionality, like a LED indicator light that blinks to tell you when your beverage has reached its desired temperature and also informs you when the mug needs charging.

Ember Copper Mug can also be controlled with a handy app that allows you to create presets for different temperature regimes for all of your favorite hot drinks. You could then add information on your favorite coffee brand and sync it up with Apple Health app so that you can track your daily caffeine intake and keep your healthy lifestyle going.

It really is a pleasure to enjoy your morning me-time and your favorite hot drinks at their perfect temperature, every time.

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