Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highway CamperThis is a superb upgrade for your adventures on the road with the Endless Highway camper from Bowlus Road Chief. The company was born in 1934 and this particular model was its flagship. The Highway’s 26-foot “invisible” exterior looks almost unchanged, but the interior has some changes – wood walls and ceilings, master bedroom with king-size bed, an ensuite teak and chrome bathroom, dining for four, kitchen, and a sofa and armchair that convert into two twin beds.

This is a luxury aluminum trailer for those who ask for the best. As the industry leader with the most advanced technology, the Bowlus Road Chief’s high tech design is further elevated by more than two dozen luxurious and exclusive features and accessories. An exquisite manifestation of freedom, technology, and design, the Endless Highways ensures that your adventures are only as limited as your imagination.

For the highest comfort while on the road, the camper also comes with heated floors, a cellular booster, a private wifi network, continuous hot water, and charging stations. It’s all powered by a lithium iron phosphate systems, allowing you to stay off-grid for a full week adventure.

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