FIDO Smart Lock is a futuristic smart lock that places its focus primarily on safety and security.

The design is simple and minimalistic and fits very well with the overall direction of gadget design in 2019. This Smart Lock first gained attention with its win at the 2019 Red Dot Design Awards and FIDO’s IndieGoGo campaign has been almost 2000% funded with 8 days still left.

If you were to install the FIDO Smart Lock in your home, you would gain access to four secure methods for unlocking your door – APP, Fingerprint, Bluetooth and Inducted Access Card.

FIDO claim that their lock is unbreakable and unhackable which sounds very promising, in addition, it has some extra advanced security features.

The handle is easy to set up and FIDO offers a lifetime mechanical warranty for this product. That is how much confidence they have in its design.

You do have to charge the battery once in a while, but one charge will last you a whole year so that shouldn’t be a problem.

You can find out more on their IndieGoGo page by following the BUY link.

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