Here’s something absolutely fresh for those who’d like a new gadget to remind them of their dieting goals once in a while.

FitTo is a discrete neck-worn gadget that comes with an app and is designed to help people with weight loss. The principle is quite simple yet proven to be effective – this new gadget of 2019 uses vibration to alert you whenever you are going off-track with your diet and these alerts can be set to fire any time you are about to indulge in a snack that doesn’t quite fit in your long-term health goals and thus it aids your weight loss.

The device is comfortable, adjustable and waterproof and is scientifically proven to boost will power and help you stick to your goals.

This is a brand new gadget of 2019 and the current state of the project is a working demo prototype and the production can begin as soon as it’s fully funded. With 26 days still to go, achieving the 50 thousand dollar funding shouldn’t be a problem for a device that tackles such trendy issue as fitness.

Check out their campaign on IndieGoGo and get yours for the early-bird price (just click the BUY button).

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