Turn on the lights, start the radio or the news, and put your morning coffee machine to work – and do it all with just one button! Flic 2 is a smart button for smart users who want it all and want it now. A team from Sweden invented the Smart Button in 2013 and today they are back with an improved version of the beloved Flic.

Start with an app
In the Flic App, you choose what you want to happen when you push, push twice, or hold it down or – in other words – choose your shortcuts. Flic makes both routines and complex tasks simple, smooth and effortless whether that’s in a smart home or a complicated workflow. The most common ways our community use Flic are to toggle lights and control music. But people are really creative, there are literally thousands of wildly different things that people use Flic shortcuts for! 

Your routines
What are your routines? How does your morning start? What’s your favorite after work activities at home? What do you do before sleep? These are the things you most likely repeat every day. So, let’s make them simple!
* wake up and push to start your morning routine
* turn everything off when you leave home
* make your car smart
* raise the productivity with shortcuts in the office
* give your home the perfect light switch

Attach your Flic and go
The micro-suction adhesive is included with every Flic 2. The suction adhesive allows you to attach Flic to any surface. Micro-suction means it contains hundreds of tiny suction cups that don’t leave any residue! The suction pad is easy to clean with water and can be reused many times. When it’s in the right place, just go and live your everyday life as simple as breathing!

Shortcut Labs are the creators of this little Flic and they spent over six years to improve this button. So, there are results: Bluetooth long range, triple battery life, LED in 3 colors, rigid metal clip, durable design, labels. Flic 2 offers new capabilities such as open platform, multi-app support, native HID & MIDI, and much more… Just choose to push your button!

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