FORM Swim Goggles is a new cool gadget of 2019 that gives you a futuristic swimming experience, tracks your performance and displays live metrics on a heads-up display, right before your eyes in a style similar to the Google Glass. These swimming goggles are mainly meant for people who are serious about their swimming performance and want to take it to the next level.

FORM is a young fitness gadgets company and their idea behind these swimming goggles is that while there are many fitness trackers with swimming features available on the market, none is made specifically for swimming. And their solution is augmented reality.

The resolution on the display is not particularly high but it delivers necessary information to your line of sight in a clearly visible and comprehensible way.

These goggles will show you mostly fitness data, like stroke count, calories, distance, split time and more.

You can connect them to your phone but it’s not necessary as they also work in stand-alone mode.

Check them out on FORM’s official website by clicking the BUY button.

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