Geizeer is the latest gadget on Kickstarter that’s already 70% funded and will probably reach the full necessary amount within a few days. In short, it’s a cube-shaped desk cooler and perfume diffuser with a sleek, handcrafted Italian design and ecologically friendly working principles.

While being a USB rechargeable device, its customized ice-pack allows 360-degree air output and powerful air diffusion. The energy consumption is really low so it can go in any location for a full day without the need for a recharge.

It has no button and is turned on by a rather smart mechanic – when you connect the top and bottom parts, magnetic contacts activate the device. When the two halves are not in contact with each other, the fan stops so it’s safe for children and animals.

Each one of these diffusers is CNC machined from a solid block of prime Italian wood before being hand-finished and colored. The wood grains found in each piece are unique. On top of that, the whole process is carried out with deep respect for centuries-old Italian handicraft traditions.

Geizeer’s electronic board is made of state-of-the-art components so that there is less heat loss, less energy consumption, and longer duration.

It also has a battery with a built-in protection system and a handy LED indicator for checking the power status.

A nice gadget to have on those hot summer days.

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