Are you angry at someone or about something? Do you have stress at work? Don’t keep it inside, let it out with MoveItSpeed smart boxing reflex bag! Relieve stress and get in shape – two in one. Move It Speed is the perfect choice to relieve tension and stay fit. For both professionals or amateurs, it can bring the boxing experience to the next level with the intelligent Move It app. Visualize the training process, follow fitness progress, and even gamify your workouts!​

Long working hours, stressful thoughts, and general tension… Almost everyone suffers from them. So, why not take a break with Move It Speed, its freestanding design enables you to use it anywhere you want, office, hallway, bedroom. With a simple one touch-setup, you can ignite your power and release your stress. When the pressure builds, punch it out! 

Boxing is incredibly good for calorie burning and muscle building. It is an intense cardio workout that engages the entire body. It can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it a very efficient use of exercise time. It’s heart-healthy, builds muscle and increases speed, stamina, and endurance. You can battle with your friends or even add their profile picture for inspiration or competition.

Hit it hard, move up the leaderboard, and achieve healthy fitness in your communities!

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