Google has announced a new version of its Glass augmented reality headset, which it’s now designating an official Google product instead of an experiment. Google says that with the XR1’s power, the new Glass headset can incorporate “computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.” Google has already released a consumer-focused computer vision tool called Lens, which offers features like sign translation and restaurant recommendations. The headset will be a business-focused product.

The new things will be safety frames, a bigger battery, and other upgraded components. Glass also now runs on Android. Glass was originally planned as an augmented reality headset for consumers, but after complaints about privacy and functionality, Google reinvented it as a tool for surgeons, factory workers, and other professionals. Google believes that businesses have reported “faster production times, improved quality, and reduced costs” by using Glass for hands-free computing or troubleshooting.

The first Google Explorer Edition cost $1,500, so while the Enterprise Edition 2’s $999 cost isn’t cheap, it’s still significantly more accessible.

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