This new gadget of 2019 is a totally mobile printer, the EBS-260 Handjet. Editable and configurable via an LCD touch screen. It can be monitored via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and has a USB port for importing and exporting projects.

The printing capabilities are what makes this new industrial printer stand out. It can print on wood, metal, concrete and even on absorbing materials like gopher cardboard and textile. As if that wasn’t enough you won’t have any problems printing on flexible materials like plastic film. With the EBS-260 you won’t also have to worry about uneven surfaces, it can handle them.

The EBS-260 prints in several directions left to right and vice versa as well as upside-down with various ink colors and quickly adjustable intensity of printouts.

Autonomous operation without a computer is a plus when you’re outdoors and it has a laser marker for easy positioning and increased precision.

Choose from many embedded fonts or use TrueType font and have multiple line printouts in a single project. Really, the printing capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

This unit is ergonomically packed and it’s easy and quick to replace the ink, guide rolls, and any other parts.

An all-in-one solution for any industrial printing needs. Check it out on the official website (click the BUY button below the image).

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