Any of us can have an injury while traveling or spending time with loved ones. We are not always safe on the road, working, hiking, or in the case of an emergency. The world sometimes goes crazy with hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other geological cataclysms. So you and I, we have to be ready, for everything. We introduce you to The Companion from Rino, a product built to save lives.

It’s designed to sustain 2 people in any kind of emergency. Adaptable, compact, and ready when you need it most. This is the world’s most advanced 72 hour emergency survival system for two. The Companion combines quality, organization and quick access, and it could very well be the difference between life or death because the first day and a half after any trauma or emergency are the most crucial.

When it’s time to take control! Rino’s mission is one – to save lives in the event of any emergency situation. And this kit won’t fail you. In it, you’ll find the essentials: first aid, warmth, light, comms, water, tools, sight+air, and even food. For example, there are goggles, masks, a tent, raincoats, blankets, a multitool knife, a knife with fire starter, a paracord, a stainless steel bottle, a power bank/radio/flashlight, a headlamp, and gloves.

Now you’re READY!

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