If iRobot’s Roomba takes care of your floors, why couldn’t it take care of your lawn? iRobot has spent the last decade to figure out how to make a mower move inside your garden or lawn, and the information about the upcoming product came out just this January. The Terra is rugged, fully autonomous, and completely wireless robotic gear. It uses radio beacons to localize in the needed area.

We don’t know all the details yet, but what we have, we share. The idea is that Terra only requires wireless beacons to be placed around the perimeter of a lawn, and for a user – you have to have a companion app to teach it where to go and where to avoid. The Terra has an hour of runtime and takes about two hours to charge fully. If the battery runs out the mower goes back to its charger point and afterward picks up where it left off.

The automatic mower is completely weatherproof and is designed to live outdoors. Also, it has a smart technology which bounces back and doesn’t snap if it hits the rock or something hard. It also has a bumper on the front to help avoid a destroyed bot.

The Terra comes out first in Germany with a beta program in the US. Pricing hasn’t been announced.


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