Born in harsh Scandinavian weather, the m-Seven earbuds are perfect for exercise, sweat and rain (sweat-proof and IPx5 weather-resistant). They offer 9.5 hours of battery life, and total of 38 hours of playback with the charging case.

With the combination of good sound quality, great battery life, and stable wireless connection, this is a pair of wireless earbuds you can rely on every day, for every occasion. Storing three extra charges within the case, the total playtime you’ll get out of your true wireless earbuds comes up to a grand total of 38 hours. That’s almost an entire week’s worth of listening at the office or a full weekend outdoors.

Crafted to fit securely to the contours of your ears, these sports earphones will stay in place whether you’re walking, running or jumping. Control your music experience easily with intuitive touch controls on both earpieces. Skip tracks, adjust volume and take phone calls with a simple touch. For a truly hands-free experience, activate your personal helper with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, just one voice command away.

Enjoy complete and unrestricted freedom with m-Seven!

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