As one of the most extraordinary designers of the 20th century, the architect, painter, sculptor, and product designer Max Bill left behind an amazing life’s work, including one of the most fascinating watch collections of recent decades. This model is a slight adaptation of the original concept of him for Junghans in 1961.

Red Dot Design Award 2018: The new color interpretation emphasizes the clear and reduced form language of the watch classic: discreet grey and gold shades place the minimalist design at the forefront, the sand gold colored case take a less prominent position. The dial is clearly placed, making it in conjunction with the domed glass good to read. Grey shades on the dial and strap complete the purist overall impression. Due max bill Automatic displays historical charm and due to its clear form language exhibits at the same time high functionality.

The series of mechanical wristwatches that Max Bill created for Junghans then is still produced largely unchanged today. From the purist dial to the specially-created, rounded numerals and on to the domed glass that accentuates the historical charm of the watch. The wonderful simplicity of the restrained case also guides the gaze to the truly important thing: the time. The blend of utility value and beauty could not be better. The creative philosophy of Max Bill lives on in these watches.