The newest generation of LG displays, made especially for Apple stores, is here.

LG has followed the best Apple design traditions with this one, make aesthetics a primary concern. If you look at this beautiful monitor, you will find no buttons on it and the overall minimalism is only complimented by elegant speaker ports on the bottom and an ambiance sensor to automatically adjust the brightness.

Instead of having buttons on the monitor, the 23.7 inch LG UltraFine’s settings can be adjusted directly from your Mac, just like you would with your internal display (e.g. on a MacBook) and it all works automatically, without any installation. Just connect your Mac with one of the super high-quality 2m cables that come with the monitor and it will automatically power on and you are good to go (just remove the EnergyStar sticker on the top left 🙂 ).

It has a total of 3 USB C ports and two(!) Thunderbolt 3 ports and comes with a special plate just in case you want to mount it on the wall. This newest LG UltraFine also has a fairly large positive and negative tilt so you can adjust the angle for best viewing experience.

Worth it? Definitely! Check it out on the official Apple store by clicking the BUY button.

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