Is it possible to dry clothes in 15 minutes? Easy! Say hello to the world’s first vacuum tumble dryer for any home, which dries clothes in a moment whilst consuming less energy. Morus Zero is the name of a countertop tumble dryer so small it fits everywhere you are. Standard home dryers take up too much home space and are really expensive, but no more!

Any problems with your current dryer?
Do your clothes take forever to dry? Do you have an expensive energy bill? Maybe overheat damages or clothes remain damp? For a normal washing machine, there is a complicated installation, and the design could be old fashioned. The solution comes with the Morus Zero, offering 15-minute drying time, energy (up to 40% of energy consumption) saving, fabric protection, ventless, easy installation, sleek design, reverse tumble action, UV ultraviolet sterilization, low-temperature drying, and user-friendly using.

Just play “Start” and relax!
The UV sterilization effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria during the ultrafast drying time. It’s also environmentally friendly since there are no dangerous or toxic chemicals to handle. Smart moisture sensor system automatically turns off the device when Morus Zero can no longer detect moisture within the clothes and the drying is finished. The Morus Zero’s program can precisely control the direction, speed and even acceleration of the tumble so your clothes can be dried evenly and come out with fewer wrinkles. And it’s easy to select the drying mode you like. Its clear display will show you all the information you want to know. 

Morus Zero combines a modern minimalist design with patented Vacuum dehydration technology. It will change the way you dry your clothes and give you more time to enjoy what you do best!

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