The new smartphone you’ll love? The Moto Z4 from Motorola features a 48 MP camera sensor, up to 2 days of battery life, a massive OLED display with a built-in fingerprint sensor, and a 360 moto mod camera. It’s a midrange device, but the exciting thing is Moto Mods, the attachable accessories that can magnetically snap on the back of the phone.

This phone has a great battery life, premium fit and finish, and clean software with useful features. The most impressive thing about the Z4 is its battery life. Motorola put a 3,600mAh battery — the largest of any Moto Z phone — a power-efficient processor, and a 1080p display in the Z4, which, together, result in a device that can easily last a couple of days between charges with normal usage, without the need for aggressive power-saving features or notification policing.

The Z4 also has a very good display with excellent color reproduction, great viewing angles, gets bright enough to read outdoors on a sunny day, and has those deep, rich blacks we’ve come to expect from OLED screens. This is the kind of screen we usually see on phones that are much more expensive than the Z4.

And, the Moto Z4 has good software. It runs on Android 9 Pie and includes Motorola’s customizations, such as an improved gesture navigation interface and the ability to control various functions of the phone by shaking or flipping it. So, is it worth it? Yes!

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