We here, at GadgetHints, love things that last for years and years. Be it a cool Zippo lighter, a car that can go for a cool million kilometers or a notebook that is waterproof, erasable and super durable. Like the one NUKA has made. Funded in only 21 hours, this product might be something you should consider for your notes needs.

You can use either the eternal pencil or simple pen supplied with the notebook and after you don’t need your notes anymore, clean them effortlessly, using the simple eraser. The eternal pencil can also be erased by using common hand antiseptic.

Your information won’t be destroyed by water.

The eternal pencil is made entirely of metal so it will never need sharpening and you won’t have to replace any lead or ink. The eternal pencil and simple pen magnetize to the notebook, making it easy to store and carry, the magnetic mechanism also keeps the notebook shut when you are not using it.

But the best feature of this awesome product is the comfortable price tag. This should make for a perfect gift for a colleague or friend.

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