A fully funded Kickstarter that promises a revolution in kayaking and rightfully so. For the first time, we have a foldable kayak that can be carried on a bus or plane that is also so durable than you can fold it up 20 000 separate times and it’ll last.

It’s really made to be ridden and although you might not want to hit the rocky rapids with this one, it’s still great to explore your local rivers.

The Oru Origami Kayak is a result of 4 years of making prototypes and adjustments and the final version is impressive. You can get it operational in 5 minutes and after your ride, you can fold it back up in even less time.

It will look like a bag on your shoulder and you can keep it in a flat or carry around with you. Can you imagine a kayak like that?

If you want to know more or get in on the still running early bird offer, the BUY button will take you to Oru’s Kickstarter page where you can learn all about it.

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