Continuously buying and disposing of non-rechargeable AA batteries is quite inconvenient, expensive and harmful to the environment since they contain chemicals and parts that don’t dissolve for hundreds of years. Several brands have been trying to solve this problem by producing rechargeable batteries but they always come with a rather large charging device that takes up a whole outlet, charges quite slowly and doesn’t look too good.

The Hong Kong-based company PaleBlue has made a new type of double-A battery – lithium polymer smart battery which is USB Rechargeable. And people love it. It’s been already funded more than 500% on Kickstarter.

The main features include the already mentioned lithium polymer cell with a micro USB port and its lifetime is more than 1000 charge cycles. They are ultimately convenient and will save you a lot of money while still delivering superior performance and reducing waste.

A convenient LED charging indicator will inform you of the current state of the battery.

All-in-all one such smart battery could replace up to 4000 alkaline batteries, which is really impressive.

Check it out on Kickstarter and start living smart, green and efficient.

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