We all have a lot of different small gadgets and devices that we need even when we travel, right?

Peak Design might just have found the perfect solution for organizing all those gadgets and keeping them safe, along with your other important stuff, while you travel. It’s called Tech Pouch and it’s a 10 x 24 x 15 cm pouch which weighs 249 grams and is specifically designed for this purpose.

Outside of the Tech Pouch is covered by nice nylon material with a waterproof finish that comes in two colors – navy green and black. It has several different handles on the outside that makes this pouch super comfortable while holding it open or carrying it around. There are two hook points up top that have many uses and the pouch opens with a single slider on the side.

The amount of stuff you can keep safe in such a small bag is impressive. It can fit small batteries, cords, a phone, you kindle, your power-bank, earplugs, passport, and other documents, chargers, SD cards, hard drives and a lot more other small items and gadgets. And Peak Design has thought of just the perfect compartment sizes and structure for all of that to be neatly organized while you’re on the road.

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