Do you want to know how the future bathroom will look like? Catch the atmosphere with Kohler’s Numi 2.0, the most intelligent and advanced toilet. Choose the music and ambient colored lighting, use the heated seat and surf on the internet via Amazon Alexa. The Numi gives you hands-free control, as well as personalized cleansing functionality, and exceptional water efficiency.

Add some mood lighting in your most private room of the house and enjoy the best experience! The smart toilet offers surround lighting around the base and back panel. Thanks to Alexa check the weather, traffic or latest news while relaxing. In the dark, as you walk up to Numi 2.0, the integrated nightlight helps to guide you, the lid will open and treat you to a warm seat; when you walk away, it flushes and closes.

Personalize your experience! Use the Kohler Konnect app to program personalized presets for different users, and you can use voice to access the preset/profile.  There is probably a difference between you, your spouse, and your children when it comes to  your bathroom needs. Ask Alexa to access your own playlist of songs or change the dynamic lighting.

The intelligent toilet is made of stainless steel wand with UV sanitization. It offers adjustable water temperature, pressure, and spray, as well as a heated seat and warm-air dryer. And yes, also automatic deodorization, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The toilet flushes and closes automatically. And how about some music? There are speakers with wireless streaming capability, water-proof design and high quality sound performance across full frequency range (from 78Hz to 20KHz).

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