Do you feel a little bit nostalgic or love retro? We have something special for you – Rymek, the perfect desktop companion for writers, designers and anyone who wants to have a more interesting typing experience. The vintage-inspired design and dynamic backlit keys set the right atmosphere and give you a unique experience.

Rymek combines modern and classic. In the market, there are many mechanical keyboards, but most of them are made for gamers, so they are only super-functional, sometimes big and heavy. Rymek is designed with inspiration from typewriters in the 50s, giving you that clicking sensation under your fingers as you type. Rymek comes with distinguished saddle-shape keycaps, with Cherry/Gateron switches, a modern switch that emulates the typewriter clicky feel.

It supports all OS and works flawlessly on most devices. You can easily switch between 3 devices using the Bluetooth mode. Dynamic backlit brightens up your writing. Rymek is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future by blending classic design with ultra-modern features. Rymek features a stainless steel stent to secure your phone or tablet while typing.

Rymek offers 5 brightness levels (0%-100%), 7 light effects, and 4 dynamic speed for choice. You can also turn off the backlit as needed. The design inspiration of the scroll knob comes from vintage manual typewriter; it serves a volume controller plus as an on/off switch. You can also use the multimedia key to control the music. Written language is a manifestation of thoughts and communications, a symbol of human civilization. From the Oracle bone script, brush calligraphy to typewriting; we are in the era of digitalization.

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