The sleekest, most secure way to always have your wallet with you? A wallet that hooks on to your belt. Discreet, comfortable and ensures that you never lose your wallet.

Designers at Rhevon have spent two years researching and making prototypes to arrive at the current design and currently, the Rhevon Flash Wallet can hold up to 6 cards at a time and is RFID protected. It is fixated with an anodized aluminum clip and features super-fast & easy release buttons to remove it when you need the wallet and then it clips back in place effortlessly. Rhevon claims that it fits on any belt so you should be fine.

If your card has a tap feature, you can just unclip the wallet, tap the card without taking it out of the Rhevon Flash and clip the wallet back on, saving time.

Flash’s slim design keeps it out of sight with any and all outfits. Whether you are in a business meeting, just exploring a new city, the Rhevon Flash is the safest way to keep your wallet safe when you are traveling.

And the people have spoken as it’s fully funded on Kickstarter already but you can still get yours for the early bird price if you check out their crowdfunding page (just click the BUY button).

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