SplitRail LS from RockyMounts is a hitch-mounted rack made to carry 2 bikes but can expand to 4. It fits 20”- 29” wheels & tires up to 3-inches fat. People love Rocky racks because they don’t wobble. The design of the hitch mount uses a metal ball to keep things table & that means your bike always stays safe & secure.

Everything is in the wheels
This rack goes beyond the basics, adding a platform to the classic hitch rack. The SplitRail secures your bike without contacting the frame and instead uses its deep wheel wells, ratchet straps, and adjustable arms to secure the bike by the wheels. RockyMounts equipped the SplitRail to accommodate everything from a cruiser to an aero tri bike, with each strut including four inches of side-to-side adjustment to ensure you get a secure fit on different frame sizes.

Works with every bike
The SplitRail isn’t picky; it works with any bike with wheels between 20 and 29 inches and was built with space for plus-sized tires. Out of the box, the SplitRail comes ready to be installed tool-free, so you won’t waste precious ride time struggling to decipher a complex installation process.

RockyMounts’ proprietary anti-wobble technology and the included locking cable further boost our confidence. When you aren’t using the rack, it tucks away flush with your vehicle in stow position, and it comes with Tilt and Use settings to allow you access to the back of your vehicle while you have it mounted.

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