Do you want to make your summer activities on the water (or underwater) more awesome? Scubajet is the first multipurpose and travel ready water jet system and smallest underwater dive scooter on the market. It turns every sup, kayak, canoe, and dinghy into powerful electric gear within seconds. It’s probably the easiest way to get on the water motorized today.

Scubajet is a flexible electric jet system for almost all kinds of popular water sports equipment and, at the same time, a dive scooter. Innovative technology, a compact design and the low weight of 3 kg make it the ideal companion in the water. In addition, the powerful engine sets new standards: it generates 20 kg of thrust and reaches a speed of up to 10 km/h. The rechargeable batteries, which run for up to 3 hours, transform sup boards, canoes, kayaks or small boats into reliable electronic pieces of sports equipment in no time at all. Scubajet impresses with high engine performance in a handy, compact unit which offers water sports fans great potential for fascinating experiences.

Motorize your sup board the electric way! Stand up paddling has been the trending water sport in the last few years. It’s definitely one of the coolest ways to move on water. If you’re in for a little more action on your sup board, the Scubajet is the right choice for you. The Finbox adapters are compatible with many different types of sup boards.

This is the world’s smallest dive scooter ever! Scubajet is the perfect dive scooter for individual and professional divers as well as for snorkeling and swimming adventures. While conventional dive scooters are often heavy and bulky, this underwater gear is ready for traveling around the world. Scubajet weighs only 3 kg (6,6 lbs) and is the powerful alternative to conventional diver propulsion vehicles and aqua scooters.

How about the extras?

HIGH PERFORMANCE & ELEGANT DESIGN. This is a way to maximize the fun and minimize the effort by turning every exercise into a leisure activity. Scubajet brings some of the most popular water sports activities to the next level and gives an extra kick on or under the water. The 200 wh batteries are allowed on airplanes too, so take them with you on your next adventure. Scubajet is ready to use within seconds. Therefore no technical skills are needed at any time while using the extensive adapter system.

THE NEXT GENERATION OF WATER SPORTS. The eco-friendly jet engine is based on an emission-free motor and like an e-bike for the water. This is the latest generation of water jets and impeller technologies instead of conventional propulsion systems without any compromises in performance. The 360° water intake guarantees optimal efficiency and turns every water sports equipment in high-performance gear.

BATTERY. The smart power technologies as lithium-Ion batteries are highly efficient, long-lasting and you can easily exchange them for charging. The 200 wh travel batteries are allowed on airplanes while you can maximize the time at and in the water with our 400 wh power battery. 200 wh batteries are splittable, first travel ready underwater scooter on the market and allowed to take on airplanes, 400 wh batteries double the runtime up to 3 hours. Smart power technology provides a long-lasting battery life.

SPEED CONTROL. Both the remote control and the function ring on the device facilitate the adjustment of speed during any trip on and under the water. If you want to boost your performance in sports above the surface, you’ll always receive a Scubajet Remote and Repeater bundle. If you are exploring the underwater world, you can control the underwater scooter directly on the function ring and switch between 3 different modes and another 3 intermedial steps.

LED LIGHT. Use the optional high-tech LED light in front of your innovative water jet to stay out in the water at night during your sup trip for underwater lighting. The LED light is available in two different luminosities, whereas the basic version has 500 lumen. If you need more Lumen, especially for diving, upgrade now to the 1.500 lumens LED light. Using the lamp without the engine unit is also proofed for a depth of 40m.

Let the extra summer fun begin!

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