Sena is a Korean manufacturer that is one of the leaders in Bluetooth technology in motorcycle riding and Sena Momentum is their first foray into the helmet realm.

Typically Sena has made products that would either stick or clamp to the helmet you are already wearing. Now they are developing a family of integrated helmets. The Sena Momentum is a fiberglass composite DOT rated helmet, that comes with a wide variety of functions and full Bluetooth integration. Since there is nothing additional that needs to be installed on this helmet, it delivers a better aerodynamic profile than using a different helmet and installing Bluetooth coms on it.

It weighs a reasonable 3 lbs. and 11 oz. and is fully waterproof. With quite a snug, oval fit, the Sena Momentum almost feels like a race fit, which has the benefit of cutting more of the outside noise. It feels cozy and safe and has an integrated chin spoiler that you can remove. The air circulation and moisture drainage are good with front and back vents.

The battery life is amazing, you get up to 27 hours of actual usage so you will really charge it once a month or so.

You can connect it to your smartphone to play music, listen to the news, talk to other drivers and do anything that a Bluetooth headset with microphones would allow you to do. Overall, the standard for today’s modern motorcycle rider.

If you’d like to learn more about this new motorcycle helmet of 2019 or get one for yourself, visit the official website (the BUY button will take you there).

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