Are you a runner, an athlete or maybe just want to be fit not leaving your home? The Skillrun treadmill from Technogym is a piece of easy-use running equipment. It’s designed to serve the top athletes, demanding fitness enthusiasts and owners of the home-gym. Thanks to its innovative, patent-pending Multidrive Technology, running sessions and resistance workouts can be done on the same device.

The basics for a well-rounded cardiovascular and power training can thus be combined in one solution. Skillrun provides the answer to the needs of all runners – from sprinters to marathoners to triathletes. With the option to train both muscles and the cardiovascular system on a single device, the Skillrun treadmill is perfectly tailored to the needs of competitive athletes.

Pure sports technology
With a concentration of the most advanced running technology, no treadmill gives you the edge like Skillrun. Treadmill, sled, and parachute. All in one. Today, indoor running is as much about power as it is cardio. The unique Multidrive Technology engages both and is designed to enhance your athletic skills. Improve your speed, endurance, and coordination: Skillrun guides your pace and makes it easy for you to do the hard work. Activate Skillrun’s Sled and Parachute Training modes for controlled resistance on the slat belt running surface to make you unstoppable.

Who is Skillrun for?
Running addicts, high-intensity fans, elite athletes. For training without limits. Say goodbye to monotony and get ready for the ultimate sports! Power into the excitement of a Skillrun Class or enhance individual performance with preset programs: either way, you’ll never want to turn back.

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