Snapbag Car Waste Bin is a nice new product of 2019, that’s just been fully funded on Kickstarter. Not fully but 750%, in fact. It looks like a bag that you could carry around with you but it’s not – it’s a trash can. And an elegant one at that.

Once you put it on your car seat, it literally camouflages with your interior. It feels very natural and integrated in any car and fits the overall aesthetic quite pleasingly. The best part about it is you can open and close it without looking since the magnet strip pulls itself to a close once you’ve disposed of your trash.

One of the other main perks of Snapbag’s design is the fact that it doesn’t let any odors out, once you’ve closed it. Now you or your little ones can eat in your car and not worry about the mess. It is really easy to install and the plastic bag that comes with it snaps to the outer leather-like looking bag. It feels like every detail has been thought about. And it’s a pleasant experience overall.

It comes in three shades – gray, black and beige, so you rest assured that you’ll find one that fits your car’s interior seamlessly.

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