Spiegel II, 2nd generation is a circular wireless charger that’s also a car phone holder. It’s an improvement upon the 1st generation of these holders who were not too bad but had some issues that have been addressed with this new gadget of 2019.

The Spiegel II supports fast charging and has a 2-in-1 base that you can either glue to the panel or window using the supplied 3M glue, or unscrew the base and it reveals an airway mount that’s a great alternative.

The official site says that it’s compatible with iPhone 8 and later models as well as Samsung Galaxy & Note devices but probably can work most other devices that support fast wireless charging.

The Nano Suction layer pads are very sticky but still, keep in mind that cleaning them once a week with a cleaning solution is still recommended for them to keep their grip.

It comes with a USB Cable and some surface cleaning tape as well as the already mentioned 3M glue in case you want to glue the holder instead of mounting it on the airway.

Useful YouTube videos featuring this item: