Sutro is a connected device that simplifies the pool management process.

When you think about pools, you think that pools are cool, sexy and fun, but think about that chlorine smell and contamination and the constant cleaning and it’s not so fun anymore.

This is where Sutro Smart Pool Monitor comes into play. It’s a two-part system.

It contains a device that will measure your pool’s pH, free chlorine ppm as well as temperature and alkalinity. Then it will send all of the data to your mobile device that connects to the platform and uses their cloud-based AI system to provide you with exact instructions on what to do and how to best care for your pool.

The Sutro Smart Pool Monitor is built in a way that it can withstand heat in case you plan on using it in your hot-tub and the batteries will last for at least 30 days. A couple of recharges during a season is very reasonable.

With this device, all the guesswork will be taken out of caring for your pool and you can enjoy it without worry.

If you’re interested in Sutro, check out their official website. The price has not been announced yet but it’s coming soon. A fresh new gadget of 2019 that sounds very promising.

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