Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display

A fully functional smart display Echo Show 5 (2019) from Amazon comes out June 26 and is made to help you manage your day, entertain at a glance, and connect you to friends and family. It can do nearly everything that Amazon’s larger Echo Show (2018), but with updated features, bright and colorful touchscreen, loud speaker, and Convenient alarm functions.

The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen and a single small speaker in overall compact design, and it comes in black or white. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s easy to see from across a room. The great thing is that this smart display automatically adjusts its brightness for the amount of light in the room and gets dimmer at night so it’s not shining into your eyes when you’re trying to sleep. The 4-watt speaker is powerful enough for casual music listening or podcasts, and Alexa’s voice in it is very clear.

What else can you do on this smart display?

Cook along to step-by-step recipes, update to-do lists and calendars, glance at weather and traffic on your way out, ask Alexa to show you movie trailers or the news, listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks. Of course, control your compatible devices or manage them on the easy-to-use display, check your security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats.

Call your friends and family who have the Alexa app, an Echo device with a screen, or Skype via the Echo Show 5, make announcements to other devices in your home, choose the clock face that fits your style best, use your favorite photos on the home screen, create morning routines to start your day, turn off the microphone and camera with one press of a button.

Live smart!

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Add some intellectual meaning to this summer with Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon! This is a thin, light and waterproof gadget that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight. So this is not only for sofa reading, but you can take it to the beach or by the pool and read while sunbathing.

Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, comics, and audiobooks. The Paperwhite offers also audible experience for you! Pair it with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.

A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours. The built-in adjustable light lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night. And you can get instant access to new releases and bestsellers, plus over a million titles at $2.99 or less.

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Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drone

Amazon has been busy these days to deliver the new version of its Prime Air delivery drone, an aircraft that is made to bring us our products. Amazon knows the key word here: safe, and that’s why Amazon’s CEO Jeff Wilke emphasizes the aircraft’s safety features. “We know customers will only feel comfortable receiving drone deliveries if the system is incredibly safe,” and the drone’s safety features make it as “robust and stable as commercial aircraft”.

The delivery drone in its missions will use a combination of thermal cameras, depth cameras, and sonar to detect hazards. Using machine learning models, the drone automatically identifies problems and navigates around them. It uses six propellers to take off, fly forward and landing. Delivery packages would be carried in the fuselage in the middle.

What’s the aim here? Amazon says that its goal for the finished Prime Air service is “fully electric drones that can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds to customers in less than 30 minutes”. Wilke claims: “You’re going to see it delivering packages to customers in a matter of months,” but these are more than likely to be test flights rather than a regular commercial service. 

The world moves on, as we speak, and so is Amazon.

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Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

Affordable, upgraded security camera, long lasting and weatherproof – a great choice for your home’s safety! Amazon’s latest Blink XT2 is a security camera with some solid upgrades: a full two years of motion-activated use on a pair of AA lithium batteries. Add a two-way talk, and improved motion detection allowing you to set-up “micro-activity zones” to prevent false alerts, and you’ll have it, peace in heart and modern security solution.

The Extras
The Blink XT2 has extended battery life – 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, live view, and motion recording. Double the usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video. It also has 2-way audio; you can talk to visitors through the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet. Customizable motion detection allows you to use activity zones to choose where motion is detected so you receive the alerts that matter. Free cloud storage gives you hundreds of clips stored up to a year with no contracts.

Smart security camera works with Alexa; view live streams, motion clips, or arm and disarm your camera through select Alexa-enabled devices. Day and night coverage offers you to record and view in up to 1080p HD video during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark. And you can use it indoors and outdoors, Blink XT2 stands up to the elements. Place or mount it inside or outside for whole home security. Easy setup – no tools, wiring, or professional installation required.

Released on May 22, 2019.

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Amazon Echo Link Amplifier

It’s time to upgrade your speakers with a built-in 60W x 2-channel amplifier Echo Link from Amazon! You deserve the best home sound system with high-fidelity streaming music and Alexa-enabled voice control. It will connect to your speakers and group with other Echo-supported devices for playback throughout your room or home. It features multiple digital and analog inputs/outputs for seamless compatibility with your existing audio equipment.

With Echo Link Amp and an Echo device, you can create voice-controlled music groups throughout your home and play streaming music wherever your system goes – the whole house, in one room, or outside. Echo Link Amp also lets you stream music on your headphones. This gadget easily connects to your speakers – bookshelf, tower, in-wall, in-ceiling, or outdoor. Echo Link Amp does not support TV/video connections, casting to multi-room music from a line-in or Bluetooth input, or the Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan. The Ethernet port supports network connectivity only.

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