Klipsch WiSA

WiSA stands for Wireless Speaker and Audio and launches this month at CES 2019. It means a growing variety of wireless speakers with high-resolution surround. WiSA is a beautiful and special home theater from Reference Wireless series. When we list the speakers, there are RW-34C center-channel speaker ($699), the RW-51M Monitors ($699), and RW-100SW ($499) wireless subwoofer. You can choose which ones put together, and all of them are internally powered, demanding only a power source to work with WiSA transmission devices.

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Sennheiser’s AMBEO Soundbar

In May 2019 Sennheiser launches brand new audio experience. Ambeo Soundbar includes 13 drivers with unique 3D technology for magical sound. It captures knowledge of your room size and its reflective surfaces, adapting the acoustics to fit your individual environment. And deep bass without an external subwoofer? Ambeo state-of-the-art bass response of 30Hz. Looks like where-have-you-been-before?

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Alphawise CET 968

Grab this pocket size speaker or two with you, and you’re good to go! Alfawise CET 968 is a cute, portable, powerful wireless speaker, 9 cm in height and 8 cm in diameter. Did you know that cylindrical speaker is a perfect audio system? This is because the speaker emits sound 360° all around. Control this one from a distance up to 10 meters. This little gear works via Bluetooth 4.2 together with the 1800 mAh battery, and the run time is 7 hours non-stop.

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Rose Hi-Fi Media Player

Beyond audio! There are so many extras in Rose RS-301, we can’t just get enough. Touch screen for easy function choice. 32bit 384kHz DAC works with any kind and quality sound files. Multiple interfaces – AUX, Headphone, USB, Micro SD, USB-B, Ethernet. Attractive design and size; 2018 iF Design Award Winner, 2017 PINUP Design Award Best of Best and honorable mention of Red Dot award 2018. ROSE TUBE for YouTube videos selected on your mobile. And clock & alarm (with your favorite music) for your everyday routine.

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Feel the era of early 70’s hi-fi! Wesley & Kemp Full Range Speakers are handmade speakers, traveling back in time when vinyl was at its peak. A frequency range of 32Hz – 17kHz for highs gives you live concert experience. Sold as a pair with included removable mesh speaker grilles, and a custom made CS112’s feature a custom black finish. Suitable Amplifier Power: 50 – 150 W.

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This old new record player brings out the best of days aesthetic with nowadays technology. We are introducing a custom build class AB amp and the best loudspeakers from Morel. The acryl platter has three-phase isolation system to reduce vibration, it invites you to use any kind of modern audio plug in (phono, Aux in, wi-fi, traditional line). The result is a ground breaking transition from analog to digital masterpiece in all of it’s shapes and sounds. Height 11.5″.

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