SmartHalo 2 Biking Device

The future of intelligent biking, a swiss army knife for bikes, the best invention since the wheel – it’s your time to try SmartHalo 2 by yourself! It is an all-in-one connected device, designed by cyclists, for cyclists. Navigation, Alarm, Fitness, Light, Assistant – you have to agree, we need those on our bikes.

Discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It protects your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. It lights your way with a completely redesigned, all-powerful front light. It tracks and displays your cycling metrics without having to push a single button, syncing with the fitness apps you already use. It keeps you connected to what matters with the brand new, customizable PeekDisplay. And it looks, feels, and works unlike any bike computer out there. 

It’s all about minimalism and simplicity. That’s why there’s no on or off button on SmartHalo. It greets you with a colorful animation of your choice as soon as you hop on your bike and turns off on its own when you’re done riding.

It’s you who choose which bike metrics to display. Need some help getting to your destination? Choose the route type you prefer. You can even define your own shortcuts: an easy way to trigger the features you use most, without taking your phone out.

Your bike, your ride, your SmartHalo. 

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Whyre Argon Transform bike helmet

For safer ride there are two-piece attachment for your helmet. Whyre launched Argon Transform on CES 2019 and teaches us to simply stick the rear camera housing to the back of the helmet and attach the augmented vision system to the bottom of the helmet on the front and you’re all set. Comes with a remote button, built-in GPS, music playback, a 180-degree rear camera to help eliminate blind spots, black box recording. Pair your phone with it and have a great ride! Available in March 2019.

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The Q Wooden Bike

The Q spent 200 hours crafting a rideable bicycle out of wood, and this is a result. This darling is made entirely out of wood (frame, wheels, chain, seat, pedals, everything). If we remember that first bikes in the world were made of wood, this is looking even better. Not for sale, just for bike-lovers, your pleasure and interest. Bone voyage!

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It’s not a glimpse of the set of a sci-fi movie, but Hera, the hot rod goddess. The influence comes from Curtiss’ original 1907 V8. Hera’s all-electric, but with lithium-ion batteries and 140Kw motor in the “cylinders”, and can boasts a range of 280 miles and delivers 145 foot-pounds of torque that snaps it from 0-60 in 2.1 seconds.

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Turbo Levo is a fully-fledged progressive trail bike, made in Switzerland. This one is even better, lighter, slimmer, stiffer, and has incredibly capable package. Magnesium-bodied 2.1 motor amplifies your input by up to 410%, battery capacity has increased by 40% comparing with company’s latest Stumpjumper. The initial travel is supple—perfect for smoothing out small bumps and trail chatter. Better. Faster. Mighty.

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