Woolsey Smart Desk – functionality, luxury, durability

Nothing was left out when designing the Woolsey Smart Desk. It’s a total solution if you want to keep everything super-organized while at the same time enjoy a beautiful luxury desk.

Ok, so let’s look at some of the features.

This desk has 3 drawers with a soft close mechanism and the desktop and drawer fronts are made from Premium Black Walnut with an embedded QI fast charger for quick wireless charging. The drawers on the sides have cable slots so you can charge your devices while keeping them in the drawers. In the right drawer, you’ll find a magnetized power unit. A black walnut desk accessory organizer that you can utilize either in a drawer or on the desktop is also included. All of the corners and edges are rounded, providing a soft and comfortable feel.

The Woolsey Smart Desk’s height is adjustable in the range of 24.5” to 49.5” with an electric dual-motor system with a built-in anti-collision stop that’s designed to run smoothly and effortlessly, without much noise, and a remote that has 4 stop locations and you can set it to your personal height preference.

You want your cables to stay neat and tidy and there is integrated cable management just for that purpose.

It also comes with a surge protector with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports that provide more capacity than other typical smart desks.

And, as you might expect, the frame has been built for durability and is coated with black powder.

Check out this awesome desk on the official Sean Woolsey Studio homepage by clicking the BUY button.

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HyperJuice 130W USB-C Battery + Charger Bundle

There is no comparison with this 100+60-watt HyperJuice charger. This is the world’s most powerful USB-C power bank & the largest capacity Li-ion battery approved for air travel. It delivers dual 27k mAh USB-C power plus 18W USB-A quick charge for mobile devices.

Recharge from empty to full in 1 hour! HyperJuice delivers the 2 most powerful USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 profiles (100W and 60W) in a single battery pack. The manufacturer also throws in a powerful 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port for mobile devices, and combine HyperJuice’s 100W input & a 100W charger and it will only take 1 hour to full charge the 100Wh battery from empty.

Works for everything! At the same time! This bundle has minimalistic aircraft grade aluminum design that matches the MacBook perfectly. You can quickly charge MacBook, iPad, iPhoneQuick, a large laptop (15″ MacBook Pro), a midsize laptop/tablet (13″ MacBook Pro, 12″ MacBook, 12.9″ iPad Pro) & a mobile device (iPad, iPhone) all at the same time. It also works with any USB-C & USB-AAlso charge any USB device like cameras, GoPros, headphones, speakers, VR headsets, Nintendo Switches & even drones.

Available in space grey or aluminum to match your Mac.

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Moshi Porto Q 5K Wireless Power Charger

The portable battery and wireless charger for your mobile lifestyle! Moshi Porto Q 5K you can take with you and use its juice for your smart devices. It has a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh and non-slip surface ring, as well as a base for convenient one-hand usage.

This small power station will charge your mobile phone or watch through a case up to 5 mm thick. It recharges via USB-C & USB-A and features Foreign Object Detection for built-in safety.

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Mophie PD charger

Looking for a leader in mobile power? It’s mophie and fast-charge Powerstation. It delivers 6,700-10,050 mAh of power. Powerstation has a USB-C & USB-A port & LEDs that display remaining power. The main thing is – it will charge your phone 2,5 times faster than the average power supply. 10 minutes of charging gives your phone 20% of battery life, 30 minutes – 50%. In times when time runs fast, don’t waste another minute charging your phone!

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Chargerito the world's smallest charger

Have you had low battery and no easy way to charge your phone, especially when you’re not at home? With Chargerito on your keychain you will always have a charger with you. Just plug in and power up your device. This little thing also includes fold-out prongs and a flip-up Apple Lightning, Micro-USB, or USB-C connector.

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Omnicharge is a powerful 40.3K mAh portable power bank. Including 150W DC output, 120W AC output, and 60W USB-C output this charger brings you the most of charging system. The DC output offers adjustable wattage, there’s USB-C in & out, and 2 USB-A ports. It’s also TSA & FAA approved for travel, solar-ready, weather resistant, and recharges in 2.5 hours.

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This little thing is able to simultaneously quick-charge two USB-C devices and one USB-A device at the same time! Charger has a slim, portable design and universal 100-240V input voltage. HyperJuice also proudly presents multiple safety protection: Over current, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection. Power 87 W, weight 236 g, cable length 1 m.

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Nimble’s chargers are made from sustainable materials (bioplastics and organic hemp) for lower environmental impact. These high-speed wireless chargers you can use for multiple devices at once for example any smartphone, Nintendo Switch & iPads, and USB powered devices (cameras, fitness trackers). Your iPhone’s charging time from zero to full will be in 1 hour, Samsung – 45 minutes. And chargers are great for traveling because if the detachable magnetic cable management – they will ensure you never lose your cable.

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The Rabbit is a charger with an output size that includes your existing socket. It covers both the drive hole and the plug, so only one of them is lost. What you get is the charging hub, which gives you two cable tips to charge two devices at a time. It comes with removable tips Micro USB and USB-C. IOS devices can also use lightning strands with interchangeable Mfi- certified.

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