DJI Digital FPV System

First-person view drone flying is getting more popular by the day. But delivering HD video feed from the flying gadget to the pilot in a low-latency way has been deemed an impossible task so far. Today’s analog video signal only offers low video quality resulting in an overall poor FPV experience.

DJI’s Digital FPV System is the next-gen solution to this and promises to move the FPV experience towards the future as DJI have designed a new digital FPV Transmission System with low latency.

This system consists of four highly integrated components.

First off, the lightweight and compact DJI FPV Air Unit is easy to install and features an internal HD video recorder with a robust FPV HD Camera that features a 2.1mm lens. You can view the feed with the FPV goggles that are comfortable to wear and display the video feed in HD resolution in super-smooth 120 frames per second. And an integrated video recorder lets you capture what the pilot sees on the ground.

The 8-channel remote controller is configurable via the goggles so FPV pilots can enjoy a better flying experience that combines HD video quality with low latency. The 8-channel support allows eight pilots to race simultaneously and an easy-to-use audience mode lets spectators enjoy the action effortlessly.

DJI really put this together as a full package thing. It’s all integrated. It’s all ready to go. You’re good.

It’s really durable and allows you to fly faster, with more confidence, with better vision and enjoy an immersive FPV flying experience. Truly impressive.

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Air Pix Pocket-Sized Aerial Photographer

This is probably the smallest drone you have ever seen. Air Pix fits in your pocket and serves as an aerial camera, capturing full HD 1920x1080p footage @30fps and 12MP photos with autonomous flight, gesture control, and facial recognition, and tracking. With the iOS and Android app, you can share your content instantly.

Are you tired of selfies that cut off half the shot? Refuse to use a ridiculous selfie-stick? Need someone to snap a shot of you in the perfect insta-post? With Air Pix you’ll be able to get the perfect solo or group selfie every time! Plus, it’s super easy to use with the “One-Touch” app on your Apple or Android smartphone! Just pull it out of your pocket, let it fly and frame, take the perfect selfie and instantly share it on social media!

No more missing friends in group photos and videos misframed or mistimed self-timers or awkward selfie angles. AIR PIX gives you the perfect full frame shot quickly and easily! Take stunning aerial 12MP photos and HD videos from unique angles and share them instantly on social media! Air Pix is there for you. With one-touch autonomous flight and gesture control, you can shoot HD photos and videos quickly and easily with zero interruption.

Air Pix has SYNControl, which lets it take commands via simple gestures and movements. Fly and take HD photos or videos by just moving your hands!

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Atlas Dynamics Atlas Pro Drone

This is a drone not just for fun! The Atlas Pro drone impresses with its versatile use, which is also reflected in a very sophisticated technical performance spectrum. It is suitable for defense, security, and industrial inspection. Atlas Pro has 55 minutes of flight time, a 50 km range, a speed of up to 120 km/h and weather resistance IP 52.

The Atlas Pro from Atlas Dynamics is a powerful, small multi-rotor drone for a line of sight and autonomous missions which go beyond. With three engines and a rear pivoting servo, an aerodynamic profile that creates lift and a lightweight full carbon fiber hull, it is more efficient than a quadcopter in terms of flight time, speed and maneuverability.

The in-house autopilot and operating system make the minimalist-designed device particularly stable and agile, enabling seamless user experience for professionals from different industries. It all create a new standard for the UAV market. The Atlas Pro tricopter’s minimalist design and aerodynamic shape make it significantly more efficient than a quadcopter when it comes to distance, flight time, speed and agility.

The autonomous operation system allows for VLOS and BVLOS operation according to preplanned missions. The “Edge” neural network allows for autonomous adopting control that enables constant flight optimization and for mission understanding and analysis in real time without the need for internet connection.

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Aerowood The Modular Wooden Drone

Create and fly your first aircraft with the world’s first customized, multi-settings & eco-friendly kit! There are many drone lovers out there, and if you are one of them, meet Aerowood – the best gift for the creative minds of all ages.

Build your own drone from wooden details! It can be customized according to your preferences and be built completely from scratch. Aerowood is equipped with sophisticated technologies including 720P HD camera, real time transmission, one key return, and stable hovering technologies. The drone kit contains nothing else but 184 pieces of safe and eco-friendly wooden components that are approved by the FSC. The drone is to be assembled like a 3D jigsaw puzzle with wood joinery mortise and tenon joints. You won’t need any glues or nails to interlock the parts.

Upgrade to the 4-in-1 kit to get a comprehensive DIY experience with Aerowood! The kit offers the four most popular frame settings: NINJIA, TAIJI, SOPHON, and CUBEE. There are many more possibilities in terms of frame settings for you to explore. Each set comes with unique flying experience. Keep on exploring!

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Esddi Mini RC Quad-copter

The Esddi Mini RC drone is one of the best toy drones for starters. The Esddi Mini measures 25.5 × 25.5 × 10.5 cm and only weighs about 144 g. Includes a High Definition camera, a FPV transmission distance is about 50 meters, an app gravity sensor for fast and accurate control, and it has one key return feature which recalls your drone back to the home point whenever you are about to lose control. What are you waiting for? Get one and fly.

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Here’s your favourite drone! H0ver 2 gives you 4K 30fps video capture, 12-megapixel photos, face tracking and body tracking, and stereo camera set-up. It follows you with speed of 16 meters per second. Maximum flying time – 23 minutes, the main camera operates on a 2-axis gimbals with a pitch range of -90 degrees to zero degrees for getting the shot at any angle. Take gorgeous shots of your life!

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TobyRich SmartPlane Pro Drone is the easiest way to control your airplane and fly with it in the air with VR-Goggles. Made from durinum, a material built specifically for toy airplanes and drones, and polymer, the plane weights only 34 g and it’s wingspan is just 30 cm. Drone works with a companion app that includes flight lessons and manual control (included joystick). SmartPlane works about 12 minutes without landing, and also runs with replaceable fast-charging battery. No assembly required.



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