PLMM E-Skateboard

PLMM is an electric skateboard with four wheels. It can be accelerated, decelerated and reversed by merely tilting the deck. It is equipped with four electric in-wheel hub motors and can reach high speeds of 40 km/h and more.

By using two inclinometers, the centre of gravity is checked by measuring the tilt 1,000 times per second so that it is stable even when accelerating or decelerating. Its design reflects the fast, dynamic and powerful movements. The electric skateboard impresses with its compact design as well as the innovative inclinometer, which ensures safety and controls the center of gravity, not only during fast rides.

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Waterborne R1 Black Riptide Electric Skateboard

If everything goes electronic, then a skateboard must go too. Powered by electricity, The R1 Black Riptide is a carving ride with up to 18 mph speed, 7 miles of range, neat black design, and Surf Adapters that transforms every skating voyage into a carving session.

Waterborne has created the electric skateboard for riders who need better turning for crowded city streets. A Surf Adapter delivers surfboard-like carving and makes turning performance 3 times better than standard R1 models.

Also, you don’t need to ditch your existing board if you want a similar feel. Riptide is selling a $125 Surf Adapter kit that can introduce a surfboard-like ride to any skateboard there is. You can choose the Black if you’re starting fresh and don’t need the power of the R1X under your feet.

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BajaBoard Pantera electric skateboard

BajaBoard Pantera has a 10-horsepower motor, top speed of 72kph (45mph), and range up to 45km (28mi). Not recommended for use on public roads. A helmet and a decent health insurance plan would both be great accessories to go with it. But will it stop someone determined enough?

10S battery configuration, 1100Wh capacity, 4 x 3.5 kW motors, 4 x 110A motor controllers, peak power output 8000W (10.7hp). Black anodized alloy rims, black anodized alloy controller, custom headlights & tail lights, matte black finish on all chassis parts, and a total weight of 26kg (57lbs).

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