Awake RÄVIK electric surfboard

Awake’s RÄVIK is a fully electric surfboard, made from carbon fiber. It has a cool futuristic look and allows you to surf in any weather conditions with a top speed of 30 knots (around 56 km/h).

It’s controlled by a remote that you hold in your hand and has a magnetic power key that’s attached to your body so it stops in case you fall.

It also has a mobile application for beginners or younger users with which you can basically limit the power of the board which is very handy if you’re new to this board or just want to take it easy.

The riding time is about 25-30 minutes or, if you go a bit slower, even 40 minutes. But don’t worry, it features an exchangeable battery pack so you can just take the whole battery out and replace it with a freshly charged one if you’re not ready for the fun to stop.

The best part about it is probably the power, the throttle has instant response and it’s great for playful fun, accelerating, jumping and so on.

Check it out on the official website by pressing the BUY button and let your amazing experience begin.

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Brompton Electric Foldable Bike

Foldable, electric bikes are the hot thing right now. Introducing an electric bike from Brompton gives you an excellent example of why they are so popular on the streets. Its ride position and agility are more than a match for conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets.

The reason, why now we are giving you a possibility to purchase it – the British company Brompton launches its first electric bike in the US this week. There is unique aesthetic in the company’s miniature folding bicycles and the interesting part is – the battery of this electric bike fits inside a small shoulder bag that clicks conspicuously onto the front of the bike (not inside the tubing or on the frame, as usually).

The Brompton name is synonymous with folding bikes and these bicycles manufactured in London today remain true to the same iconic design established in the 70s. These small bikes can be taken onto public transportation for free and then stored under your desk at the office. 

The 1.5-liter Essential bag at the front of the bike houses 300Wh removable battery, good for between 30 to 70 km (about 19 to 43 miles) depending on how and where you ride. The bag has a small outer pocket for the bike’s charger, keys, and a phone which can be charged by snaking a cable back to a USB port on the battery. The battery cannot be plugged into the bike without the bag.

* It’s great for short to medium distances.
* The motor is covered by a two-year warranty and the battery for two years or 500 charges.
* The bike is suitable for riders ranging from 140 cm to 203 cm (4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 8 inches).

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