Lenovo Smart Clock – Google Assistant integrated

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a Google Assistant integrated device which means that it can perform a whole bunch of useful organizing and smart home functions. So let’s dive in.

Well, first of all, it’s an alarm clock. It has a 4 inch IPS touchscreen display with an 800×480 pixel resolution which is not super high, but quite enough for the functionality of this new gadget of 2019.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock’s body is covered with pleasant and good looking fabric that works really well on a nightstand and doesn’t take up too much space. It has a variety of clock faces, also ones that integrate weather forecasts which is useful. It can provide you with news headlines, traffic information, set your morning routine, tell you about your calendar appointments and so forth, anything you would expect from a Smart Home Assistant. All voice-controlled. The voice control microphone can also be easily muted if necessary.

It has two 3 watt speakers with a 6w maximum output. Sound quality is pretty good. Not going to replace your home stereo system, but it’s still perfectly pleasant.

You can also use your voice to connect and control your smart home devices and appliances, play music, use Spotify and so forth. You can’t play videos or look at photos, though. But it makes perfect sense and it’s an unnecessary function in such a device.

Check it out on the official Lenovo website by clicking the BUY button below the image.

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Capstone Smart Mirror

Smart home comes with a smart mirror, believes Capstone and launches Smart Mirror with built-in Google Assistant. You can chat with it in the morning while you’re getting ready, download apps from the Google Play store, stream videos on YouTube, and manage emails and messages by typing directly on the mirror. The sizes will be 19 x 22-inch, and it will come out in early 2019.

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