The Bosma X1 – Wide-angle HD Smart Home Security solution

The Bosma X1, it’s a WiFi connectable Camera for home security. It records a 145 degree wide-angle 1080p HD video and has an automated 360-degree pan. That is one of the widest video angles among any security cameras available on the market, not just home surveillance.

You can also use it as an IP Camera with PIR, Motion or/and Sound Detection. Advanced PIR motion detection captures only movements of pets and people, reducing false alarms caused by lights, shadows, etc. If you want some extra security, feel free to activate the Siren Alarm to scare any potential wrong-doers. It should do well in any lighting since it has built-in color night vision.

It’s also not just a security camera since it has two-way radio built-in.

Alert notifications are sent directly to your mobile device in real-time but one of the coolest things about it might be that it’s compatible with Alexa, so if you have Amazon’s home assistant then controlling your security camera will be easier than ever before.

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Cobra Road Scout

The winner of CeWeek 2019, Cobra Road Scout is made to make you feel safe.

Not only it monitors any speed traps or moving radar systems on the road but also uses intelligent sensors that monitor and detect road threats and as if that wasn’t enough for this quite reasonably priced new gadget, it combines everything with an HD dashcam to capture any unexpected moments that might arise.

Road Scout also has long-range capabilities and uses a GPS database of alerts, similar to Waze app.

It’s Wi-Fi connectable so you can view, share or edit camera recordings straight from your smartphone.

I know what kind of driver alert system our cars will be sporting this fall. And you can get one too from their official website (if you click the BUY button below the image).

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