HP Elite Presenter Mouse

If you are planning to buy just one modern, multi-functional gadget, look at this HP Elite Presenter Mouse. You can run presentations at work and guide onscreen content with a virtual laser and navigate your PC’s applications at your desk with it.

Super accessory – a pointer and mouse in one. Control and point to presentations from any place of the room, without rushing to your PC to change slides. A wireless range goes up to 30 ft (10 m) from your Bluetooth-paired PC. How cool is it with the real-time virtual laser pointer? Highlight your content onscreen and on remote viewer screens when you share your presentation. And, the last but not least, upgrade your old mouse! Get complete functionality without compromising elegance with a sleek metal-accented device that converts from a flat pointer with basic mouse functions to a comfortable, full-featured mouse with one quick flip.

HP Elite Presenter Mouse is so small it wants to go with you everywhere anytime. The major plus – you don’t have to worry about changing batteries with a design that’s rechargeable through a micro USB port and goes to standby when not in use. With the backlit key ring, the device may even be operated in the dark without any difficulty.

This gear even received The Red Dot Design Award for its smart and ingenious design.

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Your best buddy – pocket-size HP printer. Sprocket delivers full-color images (313 x 400 dpi resolution) into 2X3-inch prints or stickers. Connect your smartphone to this incredible device via bluetooth. Use it at home, in parties or any kind of gatherings because everyone can print their best photos from Sprocket. Printer uses sticky-backed white paper and invites you to use app to add text, emojis, borders and more to your photos.

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