Johnson Controls SC120 Space Controller

The SC120 room controller is a smart central control unit for indoor use. You can easily operate and monitor all connected devices via a 5-inch LCD display. Tailored towards the needs of users, an app and an integrated auto mode complement its comfortable handling. The design is elegant and timeless. A narrow bezel emphasizes the sleek design of the control module, which is available in black or champagne gold. The SC120 room controller combines contemporary, clear aesthetics with a user-oriented concept.

SC120 central controller provides an easy to use the centralized point where indoor units and third-party devices can be controlled and monitored. It allows you to control all the connected devices either manually on the display or mobile APP or automatically based on the intelligent function of auto-control for multiple rooms. The controller outfitted with a narrow bezel which makes the borders of Room Module are dramatically thinner.

Johnson Controls sees the future of buildings, facilities, campuses, and cities. That future is intelligent, using embedded sensors, real-time data monitoring, and smart, automated systems that make every location safer, more productive, and more efficient. This means the people are safer, more productive, and more efficient – and it means the world as a whole gets more sustainable. It’s a smart future for all kinds of facilities by applying the vast experience in building-related equipment and systems and the knowledge of contemporary technologies in intelligent controls and batteries.

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Johnson Controls T7000 Series Thermostat / Sensor

Control the temperature in your home with T7000 series Thermostat  and Sensor from Johnson Controls. It’s highly reliable in use, they have a simple and visually harmonious appearance. The user interface is clearly structured and comfortable to operate.

The products of the T7000 series can be integrated into all installation boxes, allowing the replacement of outdated thermostats and sensors without additional retrofit work. With its user-oriented, classic timeless design, they can be flexibly integrated into any interior.

The T7000 Series includes stand-alone and Modbus thermostats designed to control heating and cooling in commercial, industrial and residential installations. Typical applications include the control of Fan Coil units, simple heat-pumps, single or two-stage heating and a combination of heating and cooling equipment. The thermostats in the range manage multiple configurations which include ON/OFF and Proportional Control with 3 Speed Fan or proportional Fan (ECM).

The large LCD touchscreen display of the T7600 thermostats provides the status of current working mode, the fan speed, the indoor temperature and, or just, the temperature set point. All models have two configurable inputs to complete your configuration, and Modbus RTU communication to improve usability and enhances energy-saving strategies. The flush mount installation, with its low profile, stylish appearance.

* Stylish appearance
* Flush mount
* On/Off or proportional valve control
* Multi-speed fan or proportional (ECM)
* Stand Alone or Communicating in Modbus RTU
* Configurable display with backlight
* Protected against misuse (Keys lockable)
* Remote sensor or Auto-Changeover detection
* Configurable digital input: occupancy, shut-off, filter and dew point alarm

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